Visualed LEDtalk: G8
The G8 unit, is necessary to set up screen and control input and output. The G8 system works together with external PC via USB connection for setup.
Visualed LEDtalk: SDU
The SDU unit is a signal switch that allow flexible cable distrobution throughout creative and complex screen set up`s.

Visualift Actuator
The visualift Actuator, is a electric controlable rigging device that provide a
fast rigging solution for LED screens. The core idea of the system is that it is possible to adjust every rigging point on a screen after alll weight is aplied. The system iliminates all problems with truss deflection. The Visualift actuator is using standard DMX

512 protecil for control.
Visualift: Acto control
The Acto control unit is a dedicated hand controller that handles up to 16 Visualift actuators, with an all un a box ergonomic design layout.

Visualift fly bumber
The fly bumber system consists of three basic models, 1. single collum hang, 2. Double hang collum, 3 triple hang collum. All models comply the with ST-18P Click`n`rig system for fast and secure handling

The Visualed ST-18P series uses Neutrik powercon connectors for external power supply, and for data signal distro: Neutrik RJ45 / XLR type connenctor.
We offer a broad range of standard carble  lenght`s in both types ranging form 4 5cm to 50 meters.